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Welcome to Kasturi.info

Kasturi.info a leading information solutions provider, provides products and services for the livestock industry and other small to medium business firms. We also custom develop applications for your industry based on your requirements.

Poultry is a full featured business management software for the Poultry Industry that desires a complete control over production & performance details, stock levels and inventory management. It is a tool to monitor and manage day to day activities of the livestock. The unique features of the software results in continual process and profit improvement. Poultry comes in 5 different flavours
Layers           : full featured software for Commercial Egg Layers
Layers - Basic : basic version of Layers
Hatchery        : full featured software for Hatcheries
Broiler           : full featured software for Broiler Farms
Broiler - Basic : basic version of Broiler



Today, Feed Costs and Composition of Feed are very important for Nutritionists, Feed Manufacturers and the Livestock industry. Ones primary goal is to use the best nutritional feed at the lowest possible cost. Feed Formulation is a simple Least Cost Feed Formulation software with a user friendly user interface. A person with basic knowledge can easily use this software.
There are no traditional screen menus, so that with just one click one can get the required data.
For the benefit of farmers, I am giving Feed Formulation software for FREE.

Tools is a collection of small utilities which are helpful in day to day activities. It comprises of Body Mass Index, Units Conversion, Depreciation, Loan Amortization, Simple Loan calculator, Resistor Color Code, Get Color, etc., This is a free download and one can distribute it freely. I would be happy if you could give me suggestions on improving or adding of other small programs which are useful for users. This I develop in my spare time, so, please have patience for updates or inclusion of new programs.


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