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Feed Formulation

Feed Formulation is a fully functional software without any expiry time and is completely free.

A process by which various Feed Ingredients are combined in proportion to get the desired amount of Nutrients is Feed Formulation. For this one requires to know about the various Nutrient Values of each Feed Ingredient. Nutrient Values vary according to animals and their age, so one has to keep formulating at various stages of the animalís life. This is a tedious job to do manually where as a Computer can perform various calculations within no time. There are several ways to Feed Formulation out of which Trial & Error Method and Linear Programming are preferred.


Feed Formulation is a simple and practical Feed Formulation software with a user friendly user interface. A person with basic knowledge can easily use this software.

There are different requirements for different users so Feed Formulation comes with two functions Optimize & Analysis.

Optimize : Feed Formulation uses Linear Programming for optimizing Feed Formulation at Least Cost.

Analyse : Least Cost Formulation may sometimes give impractical results, for this limitation Feed Formulation has got an Analyze Tool (Trial & Error Method). This will calculate and show the Nutrients Values and the Formula Cost on entering the Ingredients Quantity and Rate. This process can be done till you get a desired result.

Suitable for Egg Producers, Broilers, Nutritionist, Hatcheries, Feed Manufacturers, etc.,

  • Animal Types - (Layers, Broilers, Sheep, Pigs, Fish, etc., )
  • Feed Types
  • Ingredients
  • Nutrients
  • Nutritional Composition
  • Ingredients Selector
  • Nutrients Selector
  • Formula Analysis
  • Least Cost Feed Formulation
System Requirements
  • Computer : with a 600MHz or faster processor
  • RAM         : 192MB or more
  • Hard-Disk : 40MB of space required
  • Display     : 1024 x 768 or higher resolution
  • OS           : Windows XP with SP2 / Windows 2000 with SP4 / Windows Server 2003 with SP1 /                                Windows Vista
  • Microsoft .Net 2 which can be freely download from Microsoft
Note : Know the nutrient requirements of the Flock.

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